Latest Newsletter from Quik Rack USA

This email was sent to our Customers who signed up for the list by 04/29/18.

Greetings Quik-Rack Customer:

This newsletter is to update you on the Quik-Rack Mach 2 status.  We are excited to have you as an interested customer, and despite the delay, we know you'll be delighted with the features of the new Quik-Rack Mach 2 Bicycle Carrier. 

We have been extremely busy with production and testing and we have posted additional photos and information on our website,  These photos on the website reflect the final design, without anodization.  Because of the customer interests in colors, we plan to only offer a two-tone black and silver finish on the Quik-Rack Mach 2.  This is due to the fact that since the trays are wider and have a 45 degree angle, the tires are captured on the side, than just the bottom of the tray, and may leave black tire marks on the silver aluminum.  Therefore, the trays will be anodized black, along with most other parts on the rack, except for the cam latch with support strap, and the cross coupling bars in the center, which will be silver as well.   Our design team has determined that this is the best option to leave your rack looking great for years ahead!  

We have experienced delays in production due to a "perfect storm" of events, including the following:  

  • The recent proposed tariffs imposed on steel and aluminum by the US, has resulted in a shortage of material in the U.S.  The bigger companies are stockpiling materials to reduce their future costs, and so manufacturers are committed to producing significantly more of the major players’ product than normal.  Therefore, new product extrusions have the lowest priority. .  We have been delayed on getting the extrusion (press) time needed to obtain our custom extruded shapes to manufacture the new Quik-Rack Mach 2.
  • This causes a domino effect in regard to delays in machining and anodization processes as well.
  • Unfortunately, these factors have caused delays in production and delivery schedules for the Quik-Rack Mach 2
  • We have been putting our Quik-Rack Mach 2 through many rigorous tests to ensure that it can handle the load of heavier fat tire and e-bikes.  Previously, these heavier models weren’t as popular, and our earlier Quik-Rack version was not built for these heavier bicycles.  Therefore, failures have been experienced on the original Quik-Rack design. We’re happy to say that the new Quik-Rack Mach 2 design has been engineered to accommodate the heavier bicycles without additional cost and effort for the user. 

If you signed up very early last fall on our newsletter list, we expect that we’ll have the new Quik-Rack Mach 2, ready to ship this summer.  Those registrants who indicated interest later, will receive product in the fall or winter.  We apologize for the unforeseen delays, and we appreciate your support for our product.  We know that you’ll enjoy the ease, convenience and features of the Quik-Rack Mach 2.

Thanks again,


Cal and Julie Phillips

Co-Owners, Quik Rack USA