Quik-Nuts $6.99 Now available 4 colors FREE Shipping

Quik-Nuts $6.99 Now available 4 colors FREE Shipping


Used for 5mm quick releases.

Quik-Nuts are a simple way to take the guess work out of removing and installing your wheels.  After the Quik-Nut is set, each time you install your wheels, just turn the Quik-Nut until it stops, then close the Q-R lever.   It's just that simple!  Great for both front and rear wheels.  Just set it and forget it!

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  • Makes all Quick-Releases fast, simple and safe
  • Stop fumbling with your Q-R, use a Quik-Nut instead
  • Eliminates trial and error to achieve proper clamping tension
  • Can be set to stop at the correct position, then just close your Q-R lever 
  • Made from Aluminum, even racers love having Quik-Nuts
  • Comes with Allen Key for one-time set screw adjustment
  • 4 colors to chose from Silver, Black, Blue or Red
  • Patent number 6241322  
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