8 years of our customers' comments and questions about the Quik-Rack


Why does Quik-Rack appear to have two websites?

My name is Cal Phillips, and  I am the inventor and patent holder for the original Quik-Rack that is currently sold on the other website.  I founded my company in the year 2000, selling my products online.

My patent expired on the original Quik-Rack in 2015. Because of the expiration of my old patent, it's now available for anyone to manufacture.

Over recent years, I saw a need for improvements on the old Quik-Rack.  So, after investing much time, thought and effort, I invented the new Quik-Rack Mach 2.  The new Quik-Rack Mach 2 addresses the desires and requests from previous customers of  the old Quik-Rack to make it even more convenient, less expensive and easier to use.

Why is the [original] Quik-Rack not lighter, if it’s made from aluminum?

The new Quik-Rack Mach 2 is 30% lighter than the old one. This is because of the new design requires less aluminum.

Why did some of the bolts rust on my [original] Quik-Rack?

This is because some of the bolts were not stainless steel. The new Quik-Rack Mach 2 uses only stainless steel bolts.

Why is my [original] Quik-Rack so hard to pivot up or down?

The old Quik-Rack can be over tightened when it’s assembled. The newly designed Quik-Rack Mach 2 uses a preset tension that prevents over-tightening. This new design always pivots easily with minimal effort.

Why is my [original] Quik-Rack becoming harder to pivot over time?

This is because there is aluminum on metal that can result in corrosion and eventually can cause resistance.  The new Quik-Rack Mach 2 design has Delrin bushings and washers at all pivot points to ensure smooth operation for years to come.  The original Quik-Rack also used Delrin washers but not Delrin bushings.   

Why does my [original] Quik-Rack sometimes jam when I try to open or close the folding arms?

That is because the cam lever can over-rotate and get jammed.  The new cam design cannot over-rotate, and has Delrin guides to keep it operating smoothly.  

Why did I have to purchase an extra security lock to secure the rack to my vehicle? It appears that it could sheer off if it hits the ground if I'm going over a large bump in the road?

The new Quik-Rack Mach 2 does not require a separate security lock. The rack is now secured to the vehicle with a keyed lock on the Quik-Rack Mach 2 retention handle, with no additional lock to purchase.

Where is the Quik-Rack Mach 2 made?

The Quik-Rack Mach 2 is a high quality, 100% made in the USA product, that has a lifetime guarantee. Its new innovative design features make it the quickest, easiest and most secure rack in the industry.  We committed to building its product in the U.S.A. and contributing jobs to the U.S. economy. Because the new Quik-Rack Mach 2 design uses less aluminum and has less machining time, the new Quik-Rack Mach 2 price is now $269 for a 1-Bike Hitch Quik-Rack Mach 2, and $169 for the Quik-Rack Mach 2 1-Bike Add-On.  The 2-Bike Heavy-Duty Quik-Rack Mach 2 is $419.  The new 2-Bike Add-On is $299.  Price is the same no matter what color you choose, black or silver.  Free shipping within the continental U.S.A. on everything we sell.